Wallets for Goddess

blackdress-13It’s that time of the year again my lovelies. Remember, when you have to work extra extra hard to make me happy? Correct, my birthday is just right around the corner and I expect to be spoiled rotten on that special day.  You know how special it is? It’s that special that you get absolutely nothing in return except for my smile… just like every other day isn’t it? I usually don’t post pictures of gifts and tributes. I think it’s silly, unless it’s something extra-ordinary special and I just can’t wait but to share. Most of it is nice, normal, day to day kind of stuff. Adjust your budgets accordingly to make sure that you can afford the most and make sure to spend on yourself the least you can. THAT will make me happy.

So make sure that you visit this page and do your absolute best, because I know, you’d hate to disappoint.

Meanwhile, you get to worship this beautiful image


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