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Many of you ask me: which mp3 should I listen to? which mp3 would you recommend? what would make me a better servant.

My answer is … it depends. I could recommend you one recording and completely another one to someone else. Many of those things depend, well, on personal preferences. Do you like to do under fast? Do you enjoy the slow progression of the trance? Do you find sound effects to be useful or would you rather just concentrate on the voice? There are really many different factors for everyone, that’s why I have previews along with a description of every mp3 and video.

I have my own preferences which I’m going to share with you, so consider this an editor’s choice and then proceed on your own.

1) La Cocaina – really one of my favorites for mental games and mind control mp3s. It’s very subtle yet very powerful.

2) Lethal Injection – kind of in the same league as La Cocaina, I made those two almost at the same time. If you like a femme fatale fantasy, you will quite enjoy listening to this fetish mp3.

3) Stockholm Syndrome – seems to be a popular mp3 even though I’ve made it a while ago.  It came out ehm dirtier than I originally intended to, but, it’s still gripping and chilling. Nothing nice about it.

4) Emotional Bitch – not for everyone, but if you enjoy humiliation through feminization and sissification fetishes, this mp3 is not the usual ” you want to suck cock now” recording, but it plays out on your emotions, and transforms you into an estrogen pumped emotional bitch.

5) So Hard to Think – goes very well together with the “Emotional Bitch”. Meanwhile the previous mp3 makes you emotional, this one makes you a sex starved whore on steroids for the duration of the file.

6)Locker Room – scary, gripping, dark and twisted.  It’s pretty intense, so whenever you feel like feeling weak in your knees, listen to this. Has humiliation/cock worship references, so if you’re not that kinda boy, don’t listen to it.

7) Adrenaline – for those of you adventurous in financial domination fetishes, this mp3 was made a simulated reality recording. You get to experience the whole range of emotions from the high of excitement to the cold sweat from fear of being cornered. It’s probably the most elaborately written, psychologically accurate and heavily edited recording I’ve made. I’m never going to put as much effort into any other mp3 I make, it’s a one time experience for me, many times experience for you.

8) Sub.Conscience – a very subtle, almost gentle, femdom brainwashing file. It’s like turning on the button and letting your thoughts wash, rinse, repeat. It’s very loopy, so if you’re just looking to “turn off” your brain, this will do it. There is no reference to femdom humiliation, no verbal humiliation, it’s kind of like listening to the ocean wash over you wave after wave.

9) Just a little Taste – the looongest cum eating addiction mp3 that I’ve made. It’s almost an hour long, and you will not even realize that you’ve been listening to the cum eating file until it sneaks up on you in the end. I really wish I wouldn’t have to put it in the description that it is about eating your cum, but, I also understand that not everyone may find that exciting like other people would.

10) High End Toxicity – it’s probably one of the most abstract and poetic fetish mp3s that I’ve made. It’s way way undersold, and so… fuck you, it’s still one of my favorite files. It includes smoking fetish, but it’s more of a backdrop to the setting.

There, that’s my list of my favorite mp3s on this site. Hope this helps and will lead you on your trance journey into femdom submission.

Feel free to add which one is your favorite and why, it will be great to hear it!

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