No Sympathy

stripes-25 No mercy, no compassion, no sympathy for pathetic losers. There is none. Until you’re something you are absolutely nothing. Remember that. In order to become something, you’ll have to beg and grovel and be ignored just like everyone else. Want a place in my world? Work for it. That’s all I can tell you. Work your ass off and then you will be noticed and rewarded. Some dommes just don’t get excited at the introduction ” I want ….” bad start. If your opening sentence starts with “I want” then you’re better off quietly buying my clips, mp3s, pictures and wanking off into an oblivion. If you get ignored at the first introduction then perhaps you should rethink your approach and try something different. Sending an email with a tribute from my wishlist probably shows that you took the first step towards pleasing me rather than yourself. That’s nice. I like that. Will that make me jump up and down to the ceiling? Most likely not, but it’s a start. Till then…I could really care if you exist or not.

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