So Special

pinkskirt-8You know how you dream about a strict, sadistic, yet caring and nurturing domme? You know how you fantasize about being that very special slave? That you are going to be loved, and appreciated, and rewarded… You know, how you have constructed that femdom fantasy inside your head and refuse anything else to intrude in that thought process…You now how you wish that you would be special, how the world would rotate around your submissive needs, and every day be attended to. You may also think about how you could be mentioned, above all the slaves in the stable, that you would find your own spotlight in the life of a domme, how you would be taken care of and..You may really fantasize about a whole lot of things in your head. Well, sweetheart, I am not that kinda sub-pleasing domme. In the best case scenario I’ll tolerate your presence as long as you keep doing as you’re told.

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