Simple Pleasures

A year ago seems so far away right now. It feels good to shift the focus and pay attention to only what’s important. I shed off a lot of dead weight of unnecessary  web domains and side projects that were not producing any ROI and only eating up my time and attention. It feels much, much better now. I’ve decided not to renew any domains that were not my direct source of income. I tried to spread myself too thin, and it only translated into more hours spent in front of computer. I also  disposed of my membership site, because it was just another easier access for some of you to steal content and the passwords were shared right and left, so that option is gone. I also deleted most of my fetish clips from the clips sites because I feel like I have outgrown that venue. I made an effort last year to put some fresh content, made a new store… I was pondering of doing it under a different name, but considering the faithfulness of customers to the clips sites, it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s still me. There was no reason to split myself into 10 different people.

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I’m not going to sit back and bitch about how easy it used to be to make money with clips before and how watered down the market has become. The only people who whine are the ones who don’t adapt. I’ve decided that I didn’t want to adapt to That. At one point it was fun to be making videos and watch people buy them and come back for more and to interact with them. Now it’s a buyer’s market and the amount of entitlement of the customer to demand a b and c is beyond what I want to deal with. This doesn’t make me excited and eager to make more content, so I decided to take it down. It’s not relevant to me anymore. I rather refocus and do something else with my time and not to be copy and pasting the same clip over 3-4 sites over and over again.

I still enjoy personal cam and phone sessions. I actually prefer live cam over phone, as it’s more interactive that way, although sometimes I really don’t mind laying down and having a long conversation over the phone either. I enjoy building relationships, and there are very very few that have been in constant contact with me over time.

I still enjoy making femdom mp3s and videos.  I saw on one forum someone complaining about the $50 price tag for a video saying it was too high to pay. I guess stroking yourself to that fantasizing about cock is just so much easier than spending 3 days with the video software putting it together so that you can watch it and stroke yourself while fantasizing about sucking cock. Like.. seriously.. it should be 3 times more at least.  So suck it up and eat it up like a good cocksucker that you are, because dommes are not put on this earth for your cocksucking pleasure.  With that said, I do appreciate the boys who understand their inferior place and try to make themselves useful.

Either way, if you have something to say, go ahead and leave a comment. If you want to silently make yourself useful, visit my wishlist.

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Simple Pleasures

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  1. Thank you for continuing to share your art as you evolve. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Most everything you say and do makes me want to work harder to be useful to you.
    The guys who get to talk to you and do cam sessions with you are so lucky. But I am lucky too, just to be your devoted moneyslave.

    David July 3, 2014 at 1:20 am #

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