Seduction, Manipulation, Destruction

Put yourself in the picture.


You. Completely helpless. Standing in the middle of nowhere. With no chance of escape.  Completely frozen in your tracks. Do you know what’s going to happen next? Do you know what to expect? You thought you knew. You thought you had a sense of direction, that you were in control. Well, somewhat in control. You played with an idea of giving up control of your mind, your body, your wallet… You know, you’ve heard it before. You have seen it on numerous sites, on different flashy banners. You found that idea arousing. It turned you on. Turned you on so much you decided that there is no harm playing with a little fantasy. You are online. You are safe. … What a fool.  You have led yourself astray. There is really no one to blame. A woman can’t do you any harm. Right? C’mon, you are a rational being, perhaps even intelligent one, you can tell when you are making irrational decisions. You can stop. Remember? You CAN stop. You will not let your body dictate the rules. You certainly would not be cornered with no choice, no moves, no plan “B”.  You have been always in control. It’s just that the idea of a femdom game kind of creeped into your subconscious mind and got stuck there. It just kept coming back… again…and again… The nagging temptation to dive in completely without turning back. To hell with everything…. Remember? That thought just roughly running through your head. Then you brushed it off, forgot about it. Until the time that it came back. Until the time when it became so unbearable, you had to try. Once you comforted yourself and said to yourself that it’s “ok”. A lot of people have fetishes. A lot of people live with them daily, and incorporate them into their daily lives. That integration may appear seamless, as if a natural transgression…

to be continued…

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