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This humiliation mp3 creates a sense of objectified male to be used only for sexual activities.

Product Description

Male objectification and humiliation training femdom style.

Your own pleasure is irrelevant, you are a sex toy, a dildo, a fuck stick. You may derive an intense sense of arousal being used, except it doesn’t matter. Your senses, your feelings are not important.

You are here just to serve yourself as a tool.

You men are so obsessed with your own member that I doubt that any of you would even realize that this is a humiliation mind fuck  if I didn’t have to make it explicitly clear. You probably would be thinking: ” oh yeah, sign me up!”. What a bunch of dumbfucks that you are. If I told a man that I want to use him for his cock, I doubt I would get a lot of rejections….unless he was a closeted homosexual or something. Well.. what if I would completely disregard you as a human being and use you just for fun? Just play with a toy, use you as a tool. Treat you as a tool, just a stick, a dildo, a thing. Wouldn’t you love it?

It is still common to think of a woman to be objectified, to be sought after only for her body, to see a female as a sex object. With that thought in mind I came to a conclusion that it is not fair to the weaker male sex. Men are objectified as well… for a strong hot body, a large cock, to be played with like a boy-toy.  I wanted to fix that by making this humiliation mind control recording, to let the  subject to feel…subjected, objectified, humiliated.

No matter what your intelligence level, your social status or financial standing, you are going to turn into an obedient slave hot hunk and act like just a tool.

You are going to turn into  just a stick to get off, to be used, as a  sex toy with no respect or care.

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File: MP3

Length: 15: 28

File Size: 14 MB

Music/Special Effects: Music, Beats, Multiple Voice Layers, Voice Effects.

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