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SPH Humiliation


There is nothing you can do about your own sexual inadequacy, your small penis, your bruised ego, your shame… but you may also find that very sexual, arousing, addictive.

Product Description

This is a an intense erotic humiliation mind control mp3 recording.

Extreme humiliation addicts, listen. This mp3  induces the heightened state of arousal through cruel and sadistic mental domination.Pay close attention to the words of the fetish Goddess, as  your fragile male ego is being cut into many little pieces from the inside.

You simply may not help yourself but get hard instantly as you  listen to a beautiful female voice telling you what a little dick twat loser that you are. You have come to terms that your penis is very, very small. It is sexually inadequate to be used. You don’t have much luck with women, you are simply incapable of pleasing anyone in bed. Women laugh at you, they tell stories to their friends about the smallest penis they have ever seen!

There is nothing you can do about it , so you just have to embrace your incompetence  and  might as well enjoy it.

My words are going to hurt.  The more it hurts, the more you enjoy the deep state of humiliation.  It is a natural progression from one state to another and back. Humiliation becomes arousal and  arousal becomes humiliation.  No matter what, you come back to one state or another, flowing back and forth like a lava lamp, slowly and surely.

File: MP3 Length:11:28

File Size: 10.5 MB

Induction: Choose from the list: Erotic Inductions

Fetishes: SPH, Sexual Inadequacy Humiliation, Ego Diminishing.

Music/Special Effects: Music, Beats, Voice Effects


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