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Spell Bound – Goddess Worship Training


Goddess Worship hypnosis for breast obsessed hypnoslaves.

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Product Description

Goddess Worship hypnosis for breast obsessed slaves.

This oddest worship hypnosis mp3  has been carefully crafted for deepening the submission and adjusting submissive mentality.  It is going to help to develop an addiction to my hypnotic breasts.

The seduction of the velvet voice pulls the slave deeper towards his inevitable demise as a human being and towards his future as a spellbound slave.

The glow of the shiny crystal that decorates so well the Goddess’ breasts is bait for the weak and suggestible mind, and ultimate trap for the willing subject.

It is a game, a slow mindfuck, a fetish dream that will have the slave become disarmed and lost in the comfort of total obedience to the power of the hypnotic crystal. A captive to beauty, with no escape. Trapped… and  … Spell bound.

It will build up the love and addiction to the Goddess through this hypnotic session.

File Length: 29:23

Induction is included.

This mp3 has been edited just like the rest of the files with great care and meticulousness. As an experienced hypnodomme, I made sure  everything is built up to bring the subject deep down into trance and that it s as effective as possible.

If you listened to this erotic hypnosis session, make sure to leave your feedback/review below to share with other slaves and  fetishists who are interested in erotic trances.

Happy trancing.

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