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I decided to play a bit with giantess fetish through mental perception of one’s body, the reduction on a physical, emotional and psychological level into a two inch tall male midget in the presence of a superior femdom Goddess.

Product Description

This is rather cruel and extreme femdom humiliation brainwashing mp3.

You will instantly surrender to the dominant voice. In the deep state of trance you may find yourself feeling so very obedient and  willing to accept your new role and your new image. You may finally understand  the essence of your  insignificance in the presence of a superior women. As you are eased into trance, you are liberated of your male ego. With each and every cruel and humiliating word you are  stripped off any pride and  driven down into the ground.

You are reduced as a human being and  degraded mercilessly into submission. This is where you may finally find your comfort, your happy place in the erotic humiliation.  The femdom Goddess has no mercy for lowly slaves like you. The more you succumb to the power of the online Mistress, the more you may feel your body diminish and only become smaller and smaller. In your imagination the giantess is growing tall, overwhelming a weak and powerless slave like you with the towering presence of pure power. You become so small,  you could get stepped on and vanish from the existence without anyone even noticing.

It all comes down to a very simple fact. that you need to accept.  Face it, women are superior. Primitive males like you- are inferior.  Go on and listen to the voice painting you a  picture in your mind.

MP3 Length: 13:51

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