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SEX DOLL – Sissy Mind Fuck Session


One of the most popular bimbo trance training sessions! Sissy gurls you love this stuff.

Product Description

One of the most popular sissy  mind fuck sessions!

A bit of a sissy mind-fuck and mental game for the duration of this erotic feminization session.

Your new life as a rubber sex doll, absent of the mind of your own. You simply exist there to be used,  as a sex object.

Sissy girls are not very valuable members of the society. They  can be used as disposable piece of trash if needed. Obedient sissy sex doll exists to be used and  unable to do anything about it.  No longer a human, but an object, to be inflated,  fucked or tossed away, it’s going to do anything a mistress wants. Sissy is unable to think,  but only do what it is told to. A sex doll doesn’t get any respect. No one is gonna ask if it’s OK, if it gets fucked too hard or if it needs a break. It’s a rubber doll, who gives a fuck! Twirl your little brains away into bimbo mental state down the spiral and empty out that head so it can be filled up with hot hair.

So there you go, listen as it unfolds right in front of your eyes, as you are told about your new life as a rubber sex doll, absent of the mind of your own, stripped of any ego or feelings of your own, or sense of self-respect or importance.

Mp3 Length: 18:37

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