love and addiction



You get pulled in deep into my world, only to find yourself even deeper in love, getting yourself drunk on the potion, intoxicated with poison, letting love flow through your veins.

Product Description

Sometimes it’s just the game of words that sparks an idea, gives an inspiration. Just a simple play of words like potion and poison. Potion is magic, it is an object of obsession, a goal, an ultimate gift that you are looking for. You want to drink that potion. It’s the potion of love.

It is what you are looking for. You really want to drink it and feel… light, happy…euphoric state.  You may feel like you just drank the most delicious wine, a bit too much of it. You let yourself sit and relax as your body gets heavy and becomes hard to move. Disorientation. Confusion.  Love. Potion. Poison.

This love and addiction femdom fantasy mp3 recording for you to enjoy.

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