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PLAIN EVIL – Guided Masturbation Session


Guided masturbation instructions through erotic hypnosis in this session.

Product Description

Erotic Trance Guided Masturbation Session.

Let yourself become completely mesmerized.  Your conscious mind may drift off where it will. It has no business interfering with this process. You want to make sure that there is absolutely nothing is going to interrupt our time together.  Your subconscious mind may let itself open up completely to the suggestions that will follow.  Your body will respond automatically, without you straining a single thought. You may become completely relaxed. It is actually very important that you do so. Your body is my playground. I am going to tell you what to do, how to do it, how to respond to it. I have complete control over what’s going to happen for the next half hour or so. You, on the contrary, have none…as a matter of fact, you have given it to me willingly. You gave up the control of your body so that it may be used by the Goddess. It was a very right thing to do. Good slave.

Now, at this moment, prepare to follow the instructions given during this guided masturbation session. Your hands belong to my words as  your mind is filled with my word. You belong to me, mine, all mine. . Completely.  Each command pulls on the strings that are attached all over your body.  Your body responds immediately,  just like a puppet. You don’t know what’s going to happen, but you obey anyway. It feels good, and you would never disobey. You may be teased, denied, teased again, brought to the brink of an orgasm only to be taken back. You are going to do everything precisely as I say. In the end… you do want to know what happens in the end, don’t you?

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