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I know that many of you are really really suffering from a ” small penis syndrome”, meaning, well, you've got a small dick…

Product Description

 It’s so small it’s simply embarrassing to talk about it. Meanwhile I don’t have a magic potion, I”m going to help you out to easy the pain of having a small penis. All you have to do is listen.

Monster Penis Experience:

After contacting Lady Lana to tell her how much I liked her monster penis file she asked me to write here about my experience. How could I refuse?

About two months ago I came across the monster penis file on inraptured. When I saw it I was very interested, but being burned in the past I was a bit apprehensive. I bought it however and listened to it.

I loved it from the moment I had listened to it. It was exactly as I imagined. No hidden things, no trickery, no foul play. For those of you who don’t know the file, without spoiling to much. It’s a fictional/ fantasy, sensory modification file. It starts out with a bit of small penis humiliation, but after the induction Lady Lana soon remedies that. You’ll begin to grow and grow as you masturbate, until you have exactly what the file says you’ll have: A Monster Penis. Ohh and a little twist at the end. Trust me it’s a good one.

Now, on to my experience. I started listening to this femdom hypnosis mp3 on a regular basis, at least two times a week, more often if time permitting. First the experience itself. During a session I get the wonderful feeling of my dick growing inch by inch. The feeling of my penis crawling along my stomach as it slowly gets bigger is just exquisite. I just can’t help but respond when Lady Lana ushers my dick along. Her calm voice guiding me all the way until I reach my destination. Afterwards there is this nice, heavy feeling of a much larger dick. Nothing visual however.

I’ve been listening for about two months now. Recently I’ve noticed a discrepancy between what my hand feels and what I see when I masturbate. During masturbation my dick feels considerably larger. When I look at it, it’s just it’s normal size. It’s quite difficult to explain, but it feels incredible. Imagine holding a much thicker and longer penis in your hand. And it’s your own penis. I havn’t achieved monster status yet. It’s hard to estimate, but it feels about fifty percent thicker and maybe two inches longer. The feeling of increased thickness is much more pronounced than the feeling of increased length.

I’ll be keeping at it. What I’m hoping with time is that during masturbation I will also start to see the changes. I’m not giving up yet, not by a long shot.

Lady Lana , you made an excellent file. I’m very happy with what I’ve achieved so far, but I’m going for gold.

Finally, as I said before. If any follow up files are made, consider at least one copy sold.

Monster Penis Update

I just had to post an update after what happened today.

For those of you not familiar with my previous experiences, look up A monster Penis Experience.

Today I woke up before my alarm clock went off. I couldn’t get back to sleep and I had quite a bit of time to spare. I decided to listen to the monster penis file. Now, normally I listen to it before I go to sleep, because of time constraints. Today I decided to shuffle things around. And boy am I glad I did. Here’s why.

Like usual, I listened to the file, went through the wonderful experience and afterwards came back out. I had the usual heavy feeling of a much larger dick. But now comes the fun part, it didn’t go away. On a normal listening day I go to sleep not to long after listening. But today I didn’t. It was sensational. I went around my normal Saturday business. Feeling absolutely hung and I knew I was the only one that knew. But walking about I couldn’t help but wonder. Do they know? Do they suspect something? I’m I walking any different? Do they notice anything? It was highly erotic.

I have to admit that the feeling of heaviness did diminish during the day. But even now my dick feels a lot bigger than usual.

Nothing visual and no other changes. But this will be an experience I won’t be forgetting soon. I’m going to try and repeat the experience, time allowing. Maybe this is the breakthrough I’ve been waiting for.

Anyways, still going strong towards building a monster penis.

I have a little addition. Yesterday I didn’t submit this post because I wanted to review it some more. And today I’ve got a nice (not so) little addition.

I decided to do a little experiment and again listen in the morning. Luckily it was a repeat experience of the day before. I again had this incredible heavy and hung feeling afterwards. It’s now nearing the end of the day and I still feel heavy down below and very hung.

I’m definitely going to turn this into some kind of routine.

Here is to building an even bigger ‘addition’.


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