MILD MINDFUCK VOL 3.0 – Erotic Mind Game

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This trance mp3 alters the state of consciousness of the subject at a steady pace, like an injection of a magic potion, leading the slave in into a more submissive, compliant and obedient state.

Product Description

The third in the Mild Mindfuck  Erotic Mind games series.

“The Matter of Seduction” recording methodically guides the listener into the trance state.

The mp3 may be listened whenever you want to submerge yourself into erotic haze and tranquil oblivion where you may surrender yourself to the silky voice of  femdom Goddess.

This mind game mp3 alters the state of consciousness of the subject at a steady pace, like an injection of  sweet potion, leading the subject in into a more submissive, compliant and obedient state.

For the duration of this erotic trance session, you are going to become completely compliant. You are going to be seduced, you are going to be reduced, and you are going to be ….

Time stretch, slow and steady.

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File Length: 20: 12

File Size: 18.5 MB

1 review for MILD MINDFUCK VOL 3.0 – Erotic Mind Game

  1. 5 out of 5


    This intense, highly addictive file begins with the deceptively simple words “I’m just going to say some words… and you’re going to listen.” Such an innocent introduction is a brilliant setup for the gorgeous, dreamy Lady Lana’s trance trap. Those who are already among the legions of Lana’s entranced, hypnotized drones know the power contained within her sensual, drifty speaking voice. There is something undeniably special about her sexy, kittenish whisper, never needing to sound like anything other than a lazy, intoxicating caress in order to completely and utterly enslave the listener. A background track of trippy, hazy, echoey tones and a simple drumbeat, peppered with sparkling bells, enhances this auditory erotic experience. If you’ve seen her pictures, it’s even more incredible to imagine and picture her face, lips, and irresistible body before you, staring into your eyes with her ice blue eyes, holding your gaze, as your mind slowly beings to shut down and comply… obey… follow. Her slight Eastern European accent makes it all the more deliriously hypnotic, at least for this listener and hypnosis fetishist.

    Her words are so intimate, so seductive… it’s like she’s not ‘trying’ in the least to seduce you, it just happens before you know it… and you are already her willing puppet. Mistress Lana’s charged, dominant and highly sexual presence comes through in spades, and it’s a tremendously inviting aura to experience. You quickly realize that this is where you belong, and Lana’s voice and beauty have worked their spell on you… her effortless control over you is now apparent and unable to resist. Why would anyone want to, after all? Upon listening to this file I shortly felt the intense arousal necessary for Lana to condition me further, placing my mind and emotions into an excited, compliant, subdued and sedated state. Those with a forced intoxication fetish will also find this file simply astounding. As with the most skilled hypnotists, the beautiful Lady Lana renders you compliant, subdued, and sedated. Her breathy delivery recalls Marilyn Monroe at her most effortlessly seductive. Your ability to think and exercise free will soon melt away before her golden hypnosis… this is something that, believe me, you won’t want to miss. You may even feel immediately compelled (as I did) to call her for a live trance.

    Honestly, having experienced Lana’s live phone sessions before, I can tell you that this file closely replicates the effect of listening to her on the phone… after a while, much more intensely than many HypnoDommes I’ve gone under for, you literally are not aware on any conscious level of what she is saying. Even though I’m a very responsive and experienced subject, it’s rare that I experience this effect so deeply. You just are filled with pleasure and the desire to please Her. Even now, I am starting to listen and … just wanting… nothing more… than to just be completely blank, aroused and obedient for the shockingly gorgeous, sensual force of nature that is Mistress Lana.


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