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The “Love Letter” is a humiliation cuckold fantasy and an installment of utter happiness, bliss and joy of berating degradation through erotic hypnosis by being brutally humiliated throughout the session.

Product Description

If you are a pathetic loser who gets off of the fact that he may be used by the superior women who are way out of his league, this femdom cuckolding mp3 is for you. If you enjoy deep humiliation and are aware of your inability to satisfy women other than with your cash, you should listen to this. If you are so pathetic that you know that financial domination is the only way to feed your fetish addictions. You know that sexually you’re completely useless, that your only future is of a cuckold to the hypnotic goddess of your dreams…Listen to this femdom fantasy mp3 to experience deep state of sexual arousal from intense humiliation.

A man like you has to settle to appreciate little things in life to experience pleasure. You may even celebrate your inadequacies and be glad you have been able to come of some use, to get a little bit of attention, to  indulge in condensation of the superior and dominant love goddess.

Listen to the music, reminiscent of french love scenes. Get comfortable, the movie is about to unfold right in front of your own eyes.  You are the recipient of the love letter  sent to you by your most adored object of you desire, the most exquisite creation in the world.

She took the time to write to you. The hypnotic mistress of your dreams has decided to recite your every flaw, every imperfection and the reason for your existence in HER divine world. The love letter explains you in very explicit details in this cuckolding mp3 how much she loves and cares, just not about you.

Open up that love letter.

Graphic depiction of cuckolding scenes, financial domination, small penis humiliation, sexual denial,  femdom verbal degradation., fem supremacy.

Erotic Femdom Fantasy Mp3.



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