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Lose It – Financial Domination Hypnosis


Ever wanted to completely let go and drop into abyss? Lose it. Ever wanted to take the plunge? Of course you have.


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Take a deep plunge into financial domination hypnosis. 

There are different ways to play with fetishes. There is role-playing, there is fantasy, there is safe sane and consensual, there is lifestyle, and there is no-safe-word ultimate fuck-over. So.. this is a no-safety-belts plunge. You may embrace the power of financial domination and femdom hypnosis,  to test yourself and try it.

Financial domination hypnosis is one of the most extreme fetishes there is out there. It’s fun. It is a way to play on the edge. With very little room for self-control or safety. It’s what makes it best. The thrilling and exhilarating loss of control, an opportunity for a hypnotized slave to completely let go into the sadistic world of a cruel domme…and completely lose it.  Let go of an any conscious control completely… and just lose it. Drop. Down. Into financial domination fetish.. with no point of return.

It’s like taking a deep breath in and going deep under. You may close your eyes and go down into a free-fall. Deep. Down. Under.

You will find that you enjoy it more and more the deeper you go. The liberating feeling of losing it ALL. Your self-control, your money, your mind.

Long countdown induction will take your mental state into the slavery deep into the hypnotic state.

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