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La Bitch – Financial Domme Worship


Let the March madness begin!

8 Professional High Rez Pictures of Bratty Lady Lana in a red plaid short skirt! Will have you on your knees and begging!

Product Description

Submit to the Mistress of Financial Domination Fetish today.

It’s easy for you to become weak in the presence of beautiful women, isn’t it? I may guess that you are naturally drawn to high maintenance, bitchy, superior women. They are harder to please. It’s much more challenging to retain your composure in the presence of a financial domme. That moment when you’re looked down upon…always… looked down upon.  There is no chance that someone like you could be on the same level as the  hypnotic Goddess of luxury. Your place is below. Your place is underneath. On the human food chain, you are the bottom feeder, a crawler. The beautiful Mistress is your GOD. Your duty is to worship from afar, from a mental space of far below. Your intellectual scope is so insignificant that it is really not worth mentioning. You know that it dissipates instantly in the presence of a financial domme. It just goes “puff’, gone.. leaving you mentally wasted and depraved of a single thread of thought other than of the need to make yourself useful to the Fetish Goddess. The only sense of pleasure that you may receive is to be completely drained, to be financially depleted to the very naked core… and only then, you may feel good. Only at that point may you find yourself at the ultimate high of ecstatic feel of letting go completely and feeling free and liberated.

What you can do is worship and lavish the Goddess with all that you can give. Offer yourself to her on the silver platter. What constitutes as ” you” is what you own. And you are nothing, and you deserve, absolutely nothing.  You don’t deserve to own anything, but you do deserve to give everything to the sadistic needs of a demanding domme of financial domination.


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