breast worship pictures



A mesmerizing photo set of a hypnotic crystal decorating Goddess’ breasts. Get them now and worship them on your screen daily.

Product Description

The power of crystal pendant draws you in. It pulls you in like a magnet towards the hypnotic Goddess.

The resistance is futile. You will fail, miserably. You are fated to be a slave to the Goddess breasts. It’s in your nature. It’s in your future. You simply adore the sight of female breasts. They make you weak. Very, very weak. The softness, the shape, the slight movement that they make with each breath, leave you helpless to the magic charms. And that hypnotic crystal, that swings back and forth, ever so slightly, keeps your attention firmly focused. You want to make sure that you stay that way.

The hypnotic Goddess has caught you in her web, and not letting you go. You are trapped now.  Hopelessly in love with the beauty of the Mistress, you are on the way to the bottom of the downward spiral. It sucks you in like a sponge. All of your resistance, all of your will is simply gone. All there is left is the hypnotic crystal swinging back and forth, back and forth, right in front of your eyes. A love-struck hypnotized zombie, that’s what you are. That’s what you have become. Totally, and completely weak.


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