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GOLD DUST – Mental Orgasm Control


A guided masturbation control and orgasm edging mental domination session.

Product Description

Surrender your mind to the femdom Goddess. Let her guide you into relaxing mental orgasm control session. Relax and breathe evenly and steady. Breathe in the moment. Bask in the shimmer of the gold dust. Float. Let the hypnotic voice guide you into the depth of your subconscious desires.  Notice as the state of sexual arousal increases, as the tension builds up, you float. Immerse in the ambiance of the euphoric state, right on the edge. Surrender. Enjoy the moment. the moment. Tantric mantra. Dive. Into Gold.

Sink in now  into the depth of erotic trance. Let your body become responsive to my words. Relinquish all the conscious control and be guided into the serene comfort of complete relaxation. The place where you don’t have to control a thing. You may finally simply enjoy the suspension in the pre-orgasmic state. It may last quite a while. The even flow of energy throughout your whole body.  Every single cell responds to the guided masturbation  progression, and there you are… waiting.

This is a  guided masturbation and mental orgasm control edging mp3 session. The “Gold Dust” is almost 40 minutes long mp3 of deep relaxation, deep state of arousal and floating on the edge.  It is not about the happy ending, but the state that leads down to it. The focus is on the sexual suspension and anticipation of the orgasm. The orgasm itself here is not all that important.

May be looped for an extended listening session. The MP3 has minimal voice/musical effects and evenly paced throughout, easy visualization to follow through. There is no particular induction and the session doesn’t follow standard structure, but it creates a deep trance state for the subject. I hope you the effects of mental orgasm control and listen to this over and over again.

Mp3 Length: 39:11

File Size: 35.8MB

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