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You are gay – sissy numero dos



Product Description

In continuation to the first part of “you are gay” mp3, this is a second part as a gay hypnosis file.

This mp3 is  longer, harder, stronger. It’s also more explicit, dirty and very addictive. If you have fantasized about a cock before, you will do that even more now. It’s the gay porn hypnosis for your ears. First class femdom humiliation. No real man in his own mind would ever want to get down on his knees and worship another man’s cock. You’re not like that. You are a gay sissy. You are the bottom of the femdom food chain. You will do that.

You will get down on your knees and take pride in making another man’s cock hard as a rock. You will feel a sense of achievement when you make a stronger, bigger cock happy. You will crave another man’s cock in your mouth. You are a gay sissy slut who can’t help but want to please another man. It’s because you were told to. It’s because you were made this way. It’s because you can’t help yourself. It’s because I’m going to convince you to. It’s because you will listen to this sissy hypnosis mp3 and develop those cravings, you will feel the need for another man’s cock grow.

This feminization training mp3 will amplify ALL those needs, cravings and feelings. You will simply have an insatiable need to become more and more gay.. a cocksucker, a cock worshiper. You may simply  fall in love with another man’s cock, and become hopelessly addicted to it. Now, try to contain the excitement and add this mp3 to your cart, and no stroking till you checkout!

Let the gentle whispers gently lead you into the trance state where you may completely submerge into your sissy princess alter ego and feel…so… GAY!

You will be submerged into total and complete gayness… you sissy princess you.



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