Foot Fetish Goddess


23 Exquisite extreme close up shots of Lady Lana's feet wrapped up in nude-colored hosiery.

Product Description

Finally you may get a little glimpse into my life and see what it’s like to be a part of it.

I collect my hosiery just how I collect my slaves. I use it and then throw away. I also like to collect pieces purchased by my slaves and followers, then wear it, and then throw it away. Somewhere in the middle I took a few pictures of what it looks like when I slip on the sheer stockings and pantyhose on my feet. For more effect, I took the close up pictures, so that a foot fetishist could get very very close… the closest you could ever get to my feet. The pictures are almost life-sized and so crisp you could almost imagine being there. I know, you wish you could.

Sometimes I like to wear black stockings, sometimes I prefer to put on nude toned fishnets or pantyhose. In this set I chose the nude colored pantyhose that one of my faithful foot slaves ordered for me. You may see the rest of hosiery thrown in the background so your imagination could run wild. There is so much of it,  it’s like being in a hosiery candy-land.

Worship and admire your foot fetish Goddess, the supreme being, the Mistress of financial domination, the dream weaver of erotic trance, the one you long to serve and obey.

23 Exquisite extreme close up shots of Lady Lana’s feet wrapped up in nude-colored hosiery.


16 HQ Images of still life pictures of foot fetish Goddess’ hosiery, pantyhose, fishnet stockings, black, nude and white.


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