IN THE SKY- PART II – Slavery to Money Domme


Gorgeous photo set of the Goddess’ aSSets with sky in the background.

Product Description

[h4a]There’s your chance to take a glimpse at the money domme lifestyle. [/h4a]

Even though you could never get close to the greedy goddess, you may see her bask in comfort and leisure on your dime.  Between two of us, I deserve to enjoy life spending everything you got, to the very last cent. It makes the vacations even more enjoyable. It wouldn’t be the same if someone didn’t have to suffer. The more sweat and tears the money slaves have to put in into my life, the sweeter it is. When I know that you could never afford such luxuries, it makes me even more excited. It’s even better when you have to pay to see me enjoying my vacation after you already paid for it. Financial domination has no limits for fuck overs. It’s like going down the spiral. Once you start it only sucks you in deeper.

This is the second of the three photo sets of me enjoying the view in a five star high rise, high above the ground, just as a money domme should be. I took some time to take pictures wearing black leather knee high boots with a high very high heel, dressed in a black coat over top of… absolutely nothing. The dark silhouette towers over your small existence, the femme fatale of your dreams.

Make sure you get all three of them. How can you stop with just one? Impossible.

Hit the tribute list right after for the ultimate high of financial domination.


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