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No Plan B


Financial domination slavery femdom brainwashing mp3.

Product Description

You think that a simple tribute is all it takes to experience financial domination slavery? Do you think that it’s enough to call yourself a money slave? Not in my world. I want more of you. I want you to feel the thrill, the excitement that it brings when you are being pushed to the edge. I don’t want to be cute and play safe the so called game of financial domination. I much rather have you at my service, at my disposal with your heart racing and beating so fast that you don’t know if you will still be able to take the next breath. I want all of you. I want you to shrink up inside and turn into a small ball of existence that you could call a human being. .. and that’s what I want you to feel when you listen to this mp3.

I am going to take you down deep into the state of trance and give you a few suggestions.. of what it would be like … to take that step… to take the plunge.

It all starts with an idea, that perhaps lingers in your mind. You may let that idea occupy your mind, or you may let go off it. It’s up to you, you may think about it or you may not, but you may only end up going deeper.. as you listen to me. As you follow my voice deeper and deeper, you may become more and more suggestible to the idea and feel the need to completely let go.  You will be suspended in helplessness, and be pushed into a free-fall until you hit the rock bottom.

There is no specific reference to money slavery, or financial domination, there are no tribute triggers and there is no explicit mention of financial domination slavery. You will not empty your bank account for me immediately after listening to this mp3. What you will feel during this session is the immediate need to let go , to relinquish any control and to experience your fetish on a different level. Meanwhile the original intent of this trance session was to train the subjects interested in financial domination, it may also be applied to any other fetish.

There is minimal editing and very minimal voice effects. The use of headphones is strongly encouraged to experience the full effect of this trance session.


Mp3 Length: 38:37

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