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Work It


Sissy feminization fantasy mp3. Stripper joint worker.


Product Description

Let your fetish fantasy spin deep into the downwards spiral of sissy feminization hypnosis. You will delve into the depth of the kinks and fetishes as a feminized sissy. You’ll be living through your total bimbo dream. Feel the utter joy of sliding up and down the stripper pole to satisfy your fans. All the eyes are on You! They are watching every move you make and as a sign of approval you get a dollar. You must work harder. You really want to earn that dollar, so work it, girl. You will make sure to perform your best to make sure that Everyone is satisfied with your performance. A sissy dumb bimbo slut on a pole is an epitome of a HARD working, girl.

Throughout this session you will be eased into the state of trance through slow induction that will take you down the spinning spiral. You will find yourself slowly progressing towards the deeply state as well as easing into your feminization fantasy. You will hear multiple voices and whispers, so you want to make sure to wear headphones for the best results. The induction seamlessly flows into the session where you may finally embrace your inner bimbo slut and dance away on the stripper pole. You will find yourself spinning, twisting and sliding up and down, with utter excitement and love every second of it. Oh yes, and you’ll also have a taste of a sticky lollipop in your mouth.

The fantasy is very simple, there are no multiple scenarios and it concentrates solely on being a stripper in a strip club. Don’t be fooled by the soft voice of the femdom Goddess, this sissy trance fantasy is harsh, sarcastic, humiliating, pornographic and explicit.

Scenes: strip club, dance floor and pole, breast expansion, genitals replacement, stripper fantasy, sex work, whore, hard nipples, ass cheek spreading.

Size: 17 MB
Format: MP3

Length: 36 minutes

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