tease and denial fetish

EVIL LOOP – Tease and Denial


Listen and you may still obey the orders to touch yourself, exercise your self control, restrain your orgasm as you follow the erotic hypnosis guided masturbation instructions, blindly, trusting your sexual release …and learn to love it.

Product Description

Femdom Orgasm Control, Guided Masturbation, Tease and Denial mental manipulation mp3.

If you like to be controlled by a sexy voice of a hypnotic Goddess, to be teased, denied and teased again and again… If you like to be held  right on the very edge,  on the brink of an orgasm and suspended in erotic frenzy…If you like those things,  you may find yourself impatiently waiting in anticipation of an elusive sexual release. In the deep state of erotic trance, you may mentally relinquish any self-control of your body, all you can do is press play, loop and spin.

This experience  may seem rather uncomfortable, painful, evil… almost plain evil, but not quite yet.

You know you may let go all the sexual tension that is built up inside, but if you do, then it will go away.  So will the intense feeling of anticipation of the release. You like that feeling, don’t you?  I know you enjoy this mental tease and denial game. The masturbation is just not the same without it. The orgasms are not the same without it. You love it, need it, crave it.

Find yourself  suspended in that sexual anticipation. Stay still waiting for the permission for an orgasm.  You mind is filled with erotic imagery, driving yourself mad, on the edge, not ever wanting to stop.


The recording doesn’t have a defined start and finish and may be played in the loop for as long as desired. Induction file is optional and may or may not be used for this session. Buy the additional induction from the list below if you want to go very deep into the state of trance and feel even more intense experience.

MP3 Length: 22:55

File Size: 20.9 MB



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