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Medusa – Erotic Mind Control


It is simply a way to relax and let go, from the fingers to your toes, just like Medusa, turning you into an immobilized, still object, controlling your senses, getting rid of your senses, feeling nothing at all, turning a man into a still nothing.

Product Description

This erotic mind control mp3 explores the complete body control of the submissive male.

With one cold gaze into the human soul, Medusa can turn a breathing man into still stone.

Imagine yourself being submerged deep in the state of trance. Then, you are eased in to completely let go of the control of all the senses  in your body.  Release your conscious mind a for the duration of this erotic mind control ession.  You are bound to be still and  motionless in the presence of the hypnotic Goddess that controls every single movement, including your breathing. Every single cell, every single muscle is under the direction of the precise commands of the Mistress. Your body simply responds. It may seem like an outer-body experience, as you are eased into total submission.

Medusa does nothing else but have all of your senses controlled by my words, making you feel the way I tell you to. “Brainwashing, mind fucking, sensory plays are some of my favorite fetishes, the way to let my creativity flow. I love to paint  a highly realistic picture in the submissive mind of the  subject, that maybe for a short period of time it becomes your reality. ” – Lady Lana

Make sure to get one of the inductions from the list. Each one of them is made to blend in seamlessly with this erotic mind control session. Just put one in front of the playlist and enjoy your mental journey.

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