Enchantment of Hypnotic Mistress


12 Professional images of enchanting hypnotic swarovski pendant on the Goddess’ exquisite breasts to mesmerize the weak male gaze into submission.

Product Description

[h4a]Become enslaved to the breasts of the hypnotic Mistress. [/h4a]

Fixate your eyes on the crystal pendant. Don’t let go. Keep looking. Concentrate.

Feel the power of the crystal pull you in. You know you are drawn to it. You want to get closer. You may not able help yourself. Then you may only feel your weakness grow. As you focus intensely on the crystal so carefully placed and directing your attention to (your fetish) the beautiful breasts. They are very, very mesmerizing.  You may even find that it’s hard to look away. It’s the beauty that drives strong men into financial domination slavery. You could be the next victim, you know. You really could be a new slave to the erotic Goddess, hypnotic Mistress. You could be the next in line. You really could be. You could possibly find yourself unable to resist, and look away. Why would you ever want to do that. You love female breasts, you love to worship them. You love the look, the feel, the touch of the soft supple skin, the soft movement. You love it. It’s your fetish fixation… the female breasts. So here you are, looking at the screen, thinking, fantasizing about your fetish addiction, the female breasts, about the shape, the form, the touch, the feel, the movement… naturally… getting excited thinking those thoughts. Thinking, fantasizing about female breasts may turn you into an obedient slave, as you are inclined to feel submissive around beautiful women. This, in turn, may lead you to thoughts of being of use, of service, anything that you could do, to please.. and then you find the add to cart button… and click.


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