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Emotional Bitch

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Sissy feminization behavior adjustment through intense mental training.

Product Description

If you want to extend your sissy transformation into a dumb bimbo who is absent of any sense of rational thought and logic and only thinks of SEX….

Listen to this  feminization mp3 and it will make a sissy slave like you even more emotionally responsive and bubbly. It will remove the leftovers of your masculine behavior traits. As a part of your sissy transformation training, those traits will be replaced with more feminine emotional responses.

The goal of this mp3 is simple:  you are going to become an emotional sissy bitch.

Your whole life you have been told/taught to be acting like a man. You have been told to be strong, to hold back your emotions, to be tough, to be this non-emotional being that can handle everything.  But you know that it’s not true. You don’t want to be this way. It contradicts everything that’s on the inside.

You WANT to show your emotions. You WANT to be Your self! You WANT to be an EMOTIONAL BITCH.

On the very basic level, the chemical reactions in your body are going to become re-programmed and re-wired… bringing the testosterone levels down… further.. down, and making the estrogen levels rise up. Emotions shut down rational thinking and let your body act on an impulse, without logic or reason. And with all those hormones acting up, you may get that extra tingling sensation… from being such a dumb bimbo whore.

Listen to this sissy transformation training mp3 and you ARE  going to get more in touch with your emotions. You are going to cry more often, you’re going to laugh louder, you are going to say good-bye to “acting like a man”.

You are going to embrace the total sissy transformation into a dumb bimbo and thank the Goddess that made you that way.

Before you know it you are going to turn into a dumb bimbo, removing any efforts to think, lowering your iq, and acting on your sexual urges and being in touch with your emotions.

Make sure to listen it together with ” So Hard to Think”. These two recordings go excellent together if you’re looking to achieve more results. There is no need for an additional induction file, it’s included in the recording.

File Length: 44:22

Total Bit Rate: 128

File Size: 42.6MB

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1 review for Emotional Bitch

  1. 5 out of 5


    Hi Goddess, let me tell You I’ve been completely mesmerized by Your Emotional Bitch record…Lots of hypnotists create files that plan to erase masculine traits, but nobody has ever been so effective! I believe a long induction and soft explanations are important to let the subconscious mind understand and follow orders…Really amazing! Just one thing: You say once in the recording the word ‘bitch’ but I have the feeling the file is more a preparation to become a bitch or bimbo…So, which file would You suggest as next step, after Emotional Bitch? You may not believe it, but I’m writing with tears forming in my eyes!

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