Dream, Kink is your building foundation for an erotic dream.

Product Description

The induction will take you safely on the journey of escape in your fetish fantasy. Feel free to ease yourself in into an altered state of subconsciousness and go deep into the erotic trance.

The gentle whispering voice gives no break, as the words roll one after another, twist and twirl into a downward spiral of erotic trance…keeping the mind focused, yet disoriented at once. The mind is washed, cleansed and turned blank as the body becomes relaxed, compliant and responsive to the soft, yet dominant voice whispering in your ear.

This erotic induction  mp3 seamlessly prepares you for my fantasy that you are going to live out during the next listening session.  Relax and let yourself submit to my hypnotic words.

Length: 08:54
File Size: 8:16 MB
Induction Method: Relaxation Method.
Music/Special Effects: Music, Beats, Binaural Sounds, Voice Effects, Multiple Voice Layers.


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