Cum eating addiction assistance through positive affirmation session

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It’s what you’ve been looking for, isn’t it?

This mp3 will make your cravings grow to eat your own cum.

This erotic trance recording is going to ease you into eating your own cum with much love and anticipation.

The MP3 has very minimal editing and about 21 minutes long.

You may experience deep thirst, for many things, but I bet your own cum is not on top of the list. It’s understandable. I don’t blame you, it must be very humiliating to eat your own cum, to feel the repulsive taste, the gooey texture slipping on your tongue and flowing down your throat. You may not like it much, yet, you may feel compelled to do it anyway. Become trained and controlled to love  to eat your own cum. This mp3 will help you develop a new habit.

It’s not sexy at all, on the contrary, it’s quite a degrading, vile behavior, but.. since you have an insatiable need for it, you’re going to perfect it in the most rude form of humiliation…eating as much of your own cum as possible: licking it up off the floor, sucking on your cum covered fingers, shooting it in your mouth, drinking from your fist, anything you have to do it taste it.

Go ahead and let go then, relax, imagine, it’s quite pleasurable. Listen to the voice, let the trance envelope you into warm safety and comfort. Listen to the murmur of the soft voice in the headphones, repeat the mp3, over and over again.

You may want to obey, led into state of sexual arousal, into the orgasmic state, to become a sexed up obedient femdom slave, and in the end, you may just have to quench.. your thirst.

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