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The recording is based on Stanford Prison Experiments in 1971 as a starting point, then it's given a different spin.

Product Description

 The idea for this humiliation mind-fuck mp3 came around after watching the movie ” Experiment” that was based on  psychological experiments conducted in Stanford in 1971. The mp3 is not word for word to the movie or to the actual Prison Experiments, but rather taken as a premise and given a different spin in a quite violent and pornographic manner.

This recording is pretty extreme and intense, but lets just play pretend and go along. Keep in mind, there is nothing nice about it.  You are my prisoner and I am your guard.  So just try to imagine…

There is no mesmerized slave slowly being led into the comfortable state of trance where he can safely get in touch with his kinks and fetishes. No. This hardcore humiliation mp3 throws the bitch down and keeps him down.. teasing, taunting, laughing, mind-fucking him hard into the the mind/body conflict.

The experiment starts with an introduction, and doesn’t go straight into induction as a standard erotic trance session would. The  expected structure is broken into fragmented pieces of suggestions that your mind will have to temporary accept.

 In your mind you know that you are the prisoner, that you’re here to obey, to take orders and follow. You have no rights. You are stripped of identity.  Your main objective is to survive and to do that you have to follow orders… but your body’s failing you. Miserably. You know you are not allowed to have an erection, so you must make it go away…as you hump the floor to the state of temporary mental insanity. If you would like to experience extreme humiliation mind-fuck in a state of trance, you will love this mp3.

No triggers, the effect is good only while you’re under the erotic trance session with no long-term effects.

And just as a side note, I do say ” Fuck you” a lot.

MP3 Length: 45:55

MP3 Size:       84 MB

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