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Just a little taste – Cum Eating Addiction


Cum eating training mp3.

Product Description

This is a bit different from the other cum eating addiction mp3s that I’ve made.

First of all, it’s much longer. This file is almost an hour in length… that’s a whole lot of mental training to taste your own cum. I kind of hate even putting it into the description that this is a cum eating mp3.  In the perfect world you would not even know it till you woke up from the trance with your mouth full of cum…. but… I don’t want Everyone to listen to this session… only those who are interested.

On the bright side, if you already have an interest in filling up your mouth with your own junk, then this cum eating mp3 is just right for you.  I suppose the reason why you are looking for this, is because you have trouble digesting the fact that you gotta eat your own cum.

The second difference of this cum eating addiction session from the other ones I have on this site, is the gradual build up…the deeper descent into the trance state, the highly aroused state…and then a very dirty state.

You will be taken on a long journey into your subconscious sexual fetishes, desires and fantasies. You will hop on a train that will take you to the final destination…where you will be completely free from anything that was holding you back.

… and this is enough. Believe me, you will enjoy this.

File Length: 55:55

File Size:  52.4 MB

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