Chastity Contract


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“Listening to this Mp3 will make you bound to be locked in a chastity cage.
Your erections will no longer be in your control. The more you try to reisist, the tighter the cage will be. This is how your mind works, and by listening to this session you understand that you’re no longer in control.

you are here because you want this to happen

By listening to this recording, you agree that you are seeking the following effects to take place, and if you don’t, you should turn off this mp3 immidiately and never listen to this again.

You, in your conscious state of mind have decided that you will benefit from being in mental chastity and henceforth, agree to listen to this. You agree to relinquish the absolute power of your conscious mind for the duration of this session, and to follow the instructions that you are given during that time. The effects that will follow are permanent.”


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