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Must. Suck. Fuck.


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This is an intense cock worship hypnosis video that will train you to become gay.

Consider this your own personal psychological attack on your subconscious desires. Watch this often enough and become to be programmed to be become GAY. You will grow to love the images that intensify your need for more and more rock hard cock. You will start developing cravings to stroke yourself when you think of a rock hard cock. You will be compelled to stroke harder when you imagine a hard body pressed against yours. You may imagine the weight of a man pushing you down to the floor, as you want to submit to him as his bottom bitch. The thoughts of satisfying another man may overtake any other thoughts, any other desires that you may have. All the sexual want and need may become redirected towards the thoughts of sucking off a cock. You must. suck. fuck. You might just as well become gay sissy and celebrate your newly found sexuality.

You can loop this video and watch it for hours to make the words sink in deep.  MUST. SUCK. FUCK. Most likely you will barely last 10 minutes as it is very intense. “Watching it for hours” would be very ambitious for a “normal” sane human being.

The video contains lots of graphic content, cock sucking, fucking, cum shots, spirals, slow motion, strobe lights, text, color theory, subliminal sounds, whispers, intense audio.

People with history of seizures should avoid watching this video.

I honestly can’t put even a few seconds on preview because it would be just that damn excessive for your fragile mental state. You’ll just have to watch the whole thing.

Size: 141 MB
Format: WMV

Length: 12 minutes

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