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A hypnotic mind game mp3. Can be listened as an induction/relaxation file. Pure hypnotic fun. Safe to relax to and drift away for a few moments.

Product Description

This FREE erotic trance mp3 can be listened equally both by sophisticated trance fetishists or those who are just dipping in into the hypnotic fun. This session is rather short compared to the other files that I’ve made.  Originally it was going to be an induction for a longer trance fetish session that I was going to make, but in the end I liked it the way it is on its own as a stand-alone recording.

This is my softer side of erotic trance, with no extra brutality added. As a femdom hypnotist I rarely go this soft, but believe me, this is nice…and you don’t even have to be into female domination to listen to this file.

Boring, right? Not quite. You’ll be listening this on repeat over and over again… and getting your your dose of ummms… in the process.  Think of it as guided meditation for trance fetishists.

And while you are trying to figure out if you’re indeed in a different state of consciousness, your subconscious mind may start playing tricks on you and convince your conscious mind that you really have no idea of where you are,. You may find bending the edges of the reality just so very slightly, so very gently, and twisting them around… just enough…All the while doing so in the most comfortable and relaxing manner. Yes, you may really relax while listening to this erotic trance file. There are no post hypnotic suggestions or triggers implanted in your mind. This is as safe and relaxing as it gets.

The only downside is it may get addictive… but in that case you just may listen to it again, and again…

Multiple layers of trance tracks and soft voice lead the subject into the light state of trance. You’re not likely to go very deep, it can be listened to anytime, mid day or midnight.

Did I mention that it’s a free erotic trance session? All you have to do is register and download.  You may share this mp3 if you like on the relevant forums and social networks with a back-link to Enjoy.

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MP3 Length: 06:56

MP3 Size: 6.7 MB

Audio and Voice Editing and Layering


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