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Sensual seduction erotic trance video.

Product Description

The concept of this erotic video is very simple.  It is  actually quite vanilla comparing to my other pieces.  It instills addiction to my voice and my image and a compulsion to masturbate whenever you think of me.

All I can say is that you’ll have an insatiable urge to masturbate when you hear my voice, see my image, when you simply think of Me. Love-addiction, addiction-arousal, the mental bind that has your masturbation patterns locked up. You may experience the euphoric feeling of love for the hypnotic Goddess, as you fall deeper under the seductive spell.  Fall victim to the true form of evil – the installment of masturbation addiction into a submissive mind.

This femdom erotic mind fuck video was originally a custom video I made for one of the subjects. As I watched it over, I decided to release it to the general public, sans a few edits. There is no hardcore humiliation or domination in this session. It’s just pure erotic seduction and mind manipulation.

Just relax and listen, and let yourself slowly drift away into my voice.

This will become one of the most addictive erotic clips you have watched, bringing you back to right into my web.

There is no mp3 available for this recording and it’s only available as a video.  This erotic trance video has been meticulously crafted and edited to achieve the best hypnotic results.

Video : WMV 23 mins


  1. 5 out of 5


    Lady Lana is the ultimate. I worship Her and crave to hear Her voice constantly. Be careful with Her because She is incredibly addicting. One hit started my descent into being hopelessly hooked.

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