Time to shine

Read this as it’s a very very important announcement. It’s that time of the year .. again…when you can completely forget about your needs and start showering me with money and gifts.  Correct, this is my birthday month, and so it should be celebrated appropriately.  To make it easier for you I put together a couple of wishlists that you can use as a starting point. If you don’t know what to do, what to buy, or simply can not chose, you can make it easy on yourself and reserve to sending an Amazon.com Gift Cards
to lana.i.am@hotmail.com.

Etsy gift cards are also encouraged.

– If you can’t decide, simply chose the amazon gift card or one of the store gift cards available. Make up is my weakness so you can never go wrong there.

General Wish List

– If you enjoy my pictures and videos, you can be a part of the big production called Lady Lana and contribute to the never-ending creative process.

Creative Cravings List

-If you want your presence to be materialized in my home with the every-day objects that I use, visit this list.

Home Sweet Home

-Want to see my wear sexy outfits? Want to imagine what it’s like when I go out and have some fun on your dime? This one is for you.

Sexxy Things List


Finally, I am going to have a little treat sent out to the boys on THIS list, so if you’re not on it yet, I suggest you sign up now and enjoy the special treatment. wink wink.


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