bluecrystalI hope you have been keeping up with my growing collection of #selfies that I’ve been adding to the fetish picture sets right here.  I take pictures of myself… myself, no other perv allowed. I don’t need a guy with a camera telling me to turn my tushes to the right and extend my leg to the left and look sexy… no thanks. I’ve had offers from “photographers” to take my pictures, and, ewww. I like to play with the camera when I want, however I want, no appointment necessary. No matter what I’m wearing, what kind of make up I have on, or if I just got out of the shower, it’s whatever I feel like at the moment. The best part about it for you… you get to look at the pictures and wish you were right there! But.. ah well, you’re not and will never be, but you can have the whole collection of my images right there on your screen. The more you’re addicted to buying them, the more fired up I get about taking even more pictures of myself. I enjoy the whole process, from setting up the lights, playing with the camera settings, thinking of the concept, what I’m going to wear, where I’m going to do it, and then, you when you see it, you may feel under my control. I think it’s wonderful. I’m certainly looking forward to making more in the future. It has been keeping me away from making more mp3s and videos, but, as I’ve said it before, I like to do what  I feel like, and you, get to be a part of it. Feed my greed and tribute to my new hobby.

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