Trances for Masses – Femdom Cam


Femdom Cam

Femdom cam sessions with an online domme Goddess Lady Lana.

Exclusive one on one live cam.

Be prepared to serve yourself on a silver platter to the Mistress, to do as you’re told, to satisfy the whims and to be put to a test.

If you are a pathetic loser who likes to call himself a slave, you will find your place in my world, on the very bottom of the food-chain that is.

Losers are expected to pay as they are good for absolutely nothing else. I drain your wallets dry and leave you craving for more.


If you are a trance fetishist, you will enjoy the erotic hypnosis cam sessions under my mesmerizing gaze.

Regardless what you are looking for, you will be controlled, entrapped and eventually surrender to my will.

My main fetishes include: erotic hypnosis, financial domination, femdom humiliation and sissy feminization.

If you are into something else, you may have to look for someone else.

Curious $100.00 15 minutes

  • Individual voice and cam session.
  • Introductory session
  • Financial domination, humiliation, feminization.

Needy $180.00  30 minutes

  • Individual voice and cam session.
  • Erotic trances, humiliation, feminization, financial domination.

Hopeless $300.00  60 minutes

Click to Pay
  • Individual voice and femdom cam session.
  • Erotic trances, humiliation, feminization, financial domination.


All sessions are via Skype only. 

I do not give out my Skype name to any non-paying boys.

You may purchase my Skype ID to see whenever I am online and available for cam sessions. It does not give you permission for anything else.

Once you have paid for cam session then you have my full attention.


Don’t have Skype? Download it here


Please make sure not to mindlessly press ” call me”, “chat with me” buttons, if you have not contacted me and have not paid, you will be ignored and blocked. Don’t think that it’s not going to happen to you if you do it, it will. Respect my time.



  • Are you real? – Yes
  • Will you blackmail me? – yaaawn. no. I”ll just tell you to give me all your money.
  • Will you tease me with… –  I’ll do whatever I want.
  • Will you get naked? – No.
  • Will you put me in a state of trance? – naturally.

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