Financial Domination Rules

Financial Domination Hypnosis

Before you jump in into the financial domination mind control fetish, understand the following:

Broke ass losers are utterly useless in the universe of a financial domination Goddess. They are the bottom feeders of the femdom food chain. Broke ass losers can bring absolutely nothing to the lavish table of luxury that the money domme deserves.  Bottom line… broke ass losers are nothing.  They don’t exist in the eyes of the Mistress till they finally find a way to stop being broke ass losers. They stay nothing until they have proven otherwise. The status of a true money slave takes work. And effort. Even as they entertain the thought of financial domination online as an easy fix to satisfy their fetish, they don’t understand the real commitment to the money slavery. It may seem like an easy way to “submit”. No real work required. No flogging, no spanking, no physical torture, no chastity to wear, no CBT, no flower tutus, no strap-on up the ass… although, all those things are optional to go along with the draining of the bank account. But it takes some real work to become a real money slave to the financial domination Mistress. One-time tribute doesn’t make a broke ass loser a money slave. It takes many, many, transactions, tributes, emptying the bank account to the last drop to show your true devotion to the superior femdom Goddess. It shows the commitment to give it ALL, to show your inferiority and exalt the superiority of financial dominatrix. You don’t deserve any of that money, and she deserves it ALL. So stop being such a broke ass loser, and start working for the financial domination Goddess now.

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