Fetish Pictures Week

As a way to re-open trancetrap’s doors I’m re-introducing it with this juicy offer.

August 3-8 is the fetish pictures week. Means that you can get more for this limited time. Whenever you accumulate $45 or more in the cart, the 10% discount will automatically apply to the balance. Super duper gracious of me. Everybody wins. You get to enjoy more of my images on your screen, and get to save some extra bucks towards the next stop at the shop.fetish photography

The discount applies to all the fetish picture sets that I have available: the goddess worship, hypnotic pendant, breast worship, legs and ass fetish, luxury financial domination sets, foot fetish, and many more. Whatever you feel like this week, you may indulge in having it on your screen immediately. I have many sides,  and you just have to make up your mind, if it’s going to be the dreamy, the seductive, the bitchy, the demanding.. or all of the above.

You may then come back and leave a comment for the rest of the world to see how much you loved it, and to know that you are not alone. Enjoy the good things while you can. You know what you crave.

Enter coupon code FETISH to apply the discount.

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