Femdom Phone Sessions


Erotic Hypnosis and  Mind Control Line

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Financial Domination Line

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Humiliation Ignore Line

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Sissy Feminization Line

Call LadyLana for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

I use femdom phone sex lines for erotic hypnosis, brainwashing and mental conditioning of submissive men. It may start as a basic mental conditioning, deepening your addiction and need for more.  It may seem like a simple conversation, just two people talking to each other about things, a private conversation…

There are some things that you wouldn’t talk to about to just anyone. There are things on your mind, that make you incredibly weak, and helpless.. We can keep talking about it. You may also listen to my voice and find yourself slipping under my control. You may find that you are going into a deep hypnotic state of trance, just by listening to me. You may go deeper… and deeper…eventually you may let your guard down and allow my voice take over your thoughts.

I may use any or all of the erotic mind control manipulation techniques. I may mind fuck you hard, toying with your emotions, holding you on the edge, with no certainty of what’s coming next. I may brainwash you into total love and obedience to serve the femdom Goddess that I am. I may use erotic hypnosis mind control to turn you into a thoughtless drone, obeying my commands. I can do a lot of things with you… just for fun. Once you pick up that phone.

I like to indulge myself in warping minds all over the world. No matter where you are, once you are on that phone line, any trace of resistance will fall and you will be under my spell.

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Fine Print:

Keep in mind, I don’t do “femdom phone sex’. It is not about you, it’s about getting ME high off your weakness, and meanwhile I do expect you to pay, I do so in return for my attention, to let you be a part of my life, my mind, for a few moments. It is simply the way it is.

To fully experience deep state of trance and benefit of satisfaction from the time spent on the phone, make sure you do not have any distractions for the duration of the phone call, as a good erotic hypnosis phone session may last from 20 to 60 minutes and possibly more.

Extreme Femdom Humiliation Phone Sessions:

Admit it, you have plenty of inadequacies that make you unfit for any kind of sexual performance. Women laugh at you. It also turns you on. Go for it, tell me all about it and I will give you my honest opinion what I think… I won’t lie. Honest! All truth and nothing but the truth… you are unfit! I have no mercy for online losers, wankers, men obsessed with their cocks, strokers, chronic masturbation addicts, and broke ass losers. I demand hard payments for your lack of … everything. No matter what race, color, genetics, physical shape or form, you are all equal to me as lower forms of beings. Most likely you can’t handle the extreme humiliation, but at least you can entertain the idea and fantasize about next humiliation phone session in your dreams.