Custom Erotic Hypnosis Mp3s

 So you have this erotic hypnosis fantasy, specific fetish or an idea in your head… and you just can’t find the video or an mp3 that will cover it.

There are maybe similar recordings out there, but they are not quite what you are looking for, so you search and search and search on the internet for that specific file, that perhaps only exists in your head for now. You may save yourself hours of search, a few hundred dollars in purchased mp3s and get exactly what you are looking for. Custom erotic hypnosis mp3s and/or videos are a great shortcut to your fetish fantasy.

Take your time browsing through the site to familiarize yourself with my personal style and fetish interests. If you can’t find your fetish in the listed categories in the store, you may write to me and I’ll let you know if it’s something I can do. Just so you understand the process… I do all my audio recording, background music, voice layers, special effects, and it is a time consuming process. In video files I do my own video, footage, animation, plus the audio process mentioned above.

Fill out this form with your wishes, ideas, requests:


Custom fetish and femdom audio mp3s and videos:

There are a few mp3s on this site that were custom made by a request. I gladly will take your idea and put my own personal spin on the recording. One twisted mind is good, two is better. My personal erotic hypnosis fetish interests range in mental enslavement, femdom brainwashing, trance fetish, state of mindlessness and obedience, love and adoration, addiction, femme fatale fantasy, financial domination and mental cruelty. The other fetish interests include: psychological experiments, mind manipulation, disorientation and mental compliance. I also like the feminization transformation ideas for sissy gurls.

The sessions in the shop section should give you a good idea of what my recordings are about. The site is filled with audio and video samples so you should have a good idea of what to expect. Email me with any questions.

Fine Print:

Custom Erotic Hypnosis  MP3s

Contact me for a quote. No two mp3s are the same so no two prices are the same. The cost may depend on the script, sound editing, voice layering, subliminal messages etc. Think of this as ice cream with all the add-ons on top.  Starting price for custom erotic hypnosis mp3s is $150+ and takes up to 10 days to finish. If you have your own script that you’d like me to record/edit, the prices can be adjusted.

Custom Erotic Hypnosis Videos

Videos take a long time to make. Don’t expect me to sit in front of the camera with a loser sign and talk slowly with dirty laundry and cats running in the background. My videos take a lot of time, planning, shooting and editing. A good 10 minute video takes me anywhere from 3 to 6 days to make. You do the math. It gets expensive. You can watch the “Ass Trance” or other videos to give you an idea. If you want an audio with simple slideshow of my fetish pictures, then it’s a bit different price range and different time frame. In the end I really really have to like your idea in order for me to spend a few days putting it together. Don’t let it stop you from asking though. It doesn’t mean that your idea is going to be bad , but, I got to be into it. I’ll let you know if I have time/if it’s doable at the time. Suggested topics for video: financial domination, goddess worship, enslavement, erotic mind control, brainwashing, feminization, and more.

Allow up to 30 days for custom video. There are no adjustments/re-works after we agreed on everything.

Starting price for a video is $300+

For non-trance videos visit my IWANTCLIPS.COM store. The customs are $100+ and take up to 30 days (normally up to a week) depending on my availability.