Goddess Lady Lana

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Welcome to Trancetrap.com, Lady Lana’s home of femdom hypnosis  mind control machine.

 femdom hypnosis goddessDown the erotic hypnosis lane..

Welcome to the destination of your masochistic submissive dreams and fantasies.If you have an intense need to submit and worship a real femdom Goddess, you are in the right place.

If an idea of being captured into the web of hypnotic seduction makes you weak in the knees, you will enjoy  my sadistic mind control manipulation. Femdom brainwashing and severe mind-fucking is my specialty. I love how easily I can wrap you round my pretty manicured finger.

Femdom hypnosis is something that I do for my own entertainment and benefit simply because I enjoy it and because I can. Most of all, I love the process of expanding my dominant influence over the masses of the submissive male population around the world. I use internet as my playground for manipulation of the hidden subconscious desires, behavior patterns, and an adjustment of submissive mentality.

My hypnotic influence is your drug.

It an addiction that you subconsciously crave on a very deep level.

With my presence online of over seven years many men have fallen before. You are not the first, and for sure you are not the last.  Luck you, you also  may become a part of my hypnotic mind control machine. I like to do that through manipulating your mind with my beautiful images, my silky voice, and my carefully crafted hypnotic videos.

If you are brave enough, you may also have an opportunity to speak to me on the phone. On a rare occasion you may be fortunate enough to see me live on skype from the comfort of my home.  Otherwise, there are plenty of videos and mp3s to warp your mind under my control, without ever, ever speaking to you or knowing that you exist. But I, will surely exist in your malleable mind.

If you are ever in doubt how to get my attention, tribute, and maybe I’ll notice.

Now, do you see how this works?


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My main interest are: femdom hypnosis, financial domination, and sissy feminization transformation.