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Welcome to Trancetrap.com, Lady Lana’s home of femdom mind control and male brainwashing online.

 phonesessionsDown the rabbit hole..

Welcome to the destination of your masochistic submissive dreams and fantasies.

If you have an intense need to submit and worship a real femdom Goddess, you are just my kind of boy.

If an idea of being captured into the web of seduction and creative mental sadism makes you weak in your knees, you will enjoy intense erotic mind control manipulation, brainwashing and severe mind-fucking. If that idea also makes you want to immediately drop on your knees, you may do that… and stay there.

I utterly enjoy the process of expanding my dominant influence over masses, using internet as my play field for manipulation of subconscious desires, behavior patterns, and an adjustment of submissive mentality. My influence is good. It is something that you subconsciously crave anyway. With an online presence of over five years many have fallen before. You are not the first, and for sure not the last, but you can be a part of the mind control machine. I like to do that through manipulating your mind with my images, my voice, and my videos. If you are brave enough, you may also speak to me on the phone or on a rare occasion see me live on cam from the comfort of my home.

 Have an urgent need to speak to me personally? If you might be so lucky if I pick up the phone.

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Very hypnotic voice. Bought mild mindfuck mp3 and can’t stop listening to it. She’s building a craving in me

Always absolutely irresistible…incredibly seductive, powerful hypnosis with kittenish whispers that simply drive you crazy with desire to obey and submit completely – beautiful and erotic

I feel so lucky that i have met Lady Lana… i am looking forward to serving Her and pleasing Her in any way i can

didnt know what to expect and all i can say is wow. amazing voice. super intelligent and manipulative. incredible website. lady lana could be my demise

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